21 Best Alternative Sites Of AnimeNova for Watching Anime Online

Anime, in its simplest and most straightforward form, is simply animation. An interesting fact about anime is that it isn’t an acronym of “animation.” You just phrase it like that in Japanese, which is what you’d call an animated cartoon. An anime, in the eyes of a Japanese viewer, is any cartoon, regardless of where it was produced.

To those outside of Japan who are unfamiliar with the term “anime,” it has come to denote anything that incorporates Japanese-style animation elements, such as brilliant colours, dramatic pans and distinctive facial expressions. On AnimeNova, you can watch anime for nothing.


The anime list page provides easy access to complete seasons of popular anime programmes. Additionally, the user can select from a variety of genres and even filter the results based on their preferences. Animenova can be streamed by anyone with a high-speed internet connection.

21 Best Alternative Sites Of Animenova

This website may no longer be accessible owing to copyright issues or may have been unavailable for a short period of time. This shouldn’t deter consumers from continuing to watch their preferred anime content, however. There are a number of options. So, these are some Animenova options.

1. KissAnime

KissAnime features a massive archive of anime from every era, all of which can be seen for free on the site. Users of this website can choose from a large selection of anime to watch. As an added convenience, anime fans can browse the list alphabetically or by name.

You can find a wide variety of genres, from action and adventure to comedy and dementia to demons and history.. As a result, it is an excellent alternative to Animenova.

2. 9Anime

The homepage of this website features a search box, allowing visitors to look up any of their favourite anime series at any time. For the convenience of its visitors, the website has categorised its anime content. In addition, there is a section where visitors can select their preferred genre from a variety of options.

Check out the current anime series as well. As an added bonus, users can refine their search even more using the website’s more sophisticated features. Positively and interactively, fans can locate their favourite anime.

3. Aficionado of Japanese manga and anime

Free anime movies can be found on this website. All anime fans across the world can enjoy this website’s content in both subtitled and dubbed versions. This website’s UI is aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing.

One of the most useful features of this website is the ability to create a watch list, which allows users to save their favourite anime episodes for later viewing when they have more time.

4. GoGoAnime

Animenova’s dubbed anime is one of the most popular options on our site. This provides access to a vast library of English-language anime. Consequently, it has a worldwide following. This anime gives a brief synopsis of each of the shows.

Other information, such as genre, length, quality, and ratings, is also included. The best-rated anime may be easily found by other users thanks to the ability of each anime page’s users to rate each episode.

 5. Anime Door

The Anime Door website is a great place to get a wide variety of anime to watch for free. You may watch free anime movies, as well as the most recent, most popular, and oldest, all under one roof on this site.

Only a few mouse clicks are required for visitors to find and stream their favourite anime on the site.

6.  AnimeLab

Premium anime collection is available on this website, which offers a wide variety of popular anime. Access to this website is available on a wide range of compatible devices ranging from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to Samsung televisions and Telstra TVs as well as Apple televisions and iPads.

7. Season of Anime

This is one of the best alternatives to AnimeNova, which allows viewers to watch anime on their computers. This gives you access to all of the anime seasons. Action, adventure, humour, drama, and history are just few of the genres available on the website. The genres can be used as a sorting tool. Additionally, the site contains a list of anime that may be accessed alphabetically.

8.  MyAnimeList

Anime fans will be pleased to see this site’s extensive library, which includes every episode. All of the anime’s characters and voice performers are covered in great detail on this page. Also, there is a community on this website where anime fans can read blog articles and debate anime-related issues. Users will appreciate the manga part on this website.

9. Kaizoku

This is a place where you can get free anime downloads. Users can search for it using the search box, or they can browse the genres to find it. Either way, the process is simple. In addition to the download page, this website includes a brief summary of the anime in question. Because of this, this site is one of the greatest options.

10. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is a website that offers free access to anime. Anime and cartoons can be found on this site, which is updated frequently. Numerous servers make it possible to watch any anime online. As a result, the anime will always be accessible on the site.

11. Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is a great place to watch anime for free. It also offers a premium service. As a result, anyone interested in watching more anime can do so on the Crunchyroll website, which offers a wealth of additional features and functionality.

12. Funimation

The finest place to view anime in English dub is Funimation. Users can watch anime at the highest possible resolution. As a result, visitors should simply utilise this website. The experience will be well-received by users.

13. Masterani

It contains a list of must-watch anime that Masterani’s users can’t go without. This website’s user interface is a lot of fun to use. Users can always narrow down their anime choices by selecting from a variety of categories. Additionally, people may watch current anime here without any issues. AnimeNova users will be able to use this site instead.

14. Animeheaven

Anime fans will delight in AnimeHeaven. It offers one of the most distinctive user interfaces out there. The episodes are organised in a way that encourages user participation. Anime, dubbed anime, anime series, and anime movies are all available to view on this site. Always remember to use this site instead of AnimeNova whenever possible.

15. AnimeLand

If you’re looking to watch anime online, AnimeLand is the best place to go, as the name says. If you’re a fan of viewing anime dubbed in English, this site is your final stop. All of the anime on this site is dubbed, so it’s guaranteed to be a hit with the viewers.

16. Viewster

Even while Viewster isn’t solely devoted to anime, you’ll still be able to stream a wide variety of popular and recent anime on the service. You don’t have to spend a cent to watch anime on this site. A wide variety of content can be seen and enjoyed by people.

17. Anime Tosho

Users can choose from a wide variety of anime by using Anime Tosho’s extensive list of resources. So if you want to download anime, you may do so by using the site’s search function to select the anime of your choice. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

18. Random Anime

You won’t find any anime on Random Anime, but it does provide links to other sites where you may find the anime you’re looking for directly. In addition to listing a large number of anime, it also includes a trailer and a description. The alternative to AnimeNova can be found on this site.

19. SoulAnime

All of the anime may be found on this site. Soul Anime also provides an option for those who enjoy watching anime movies, so you may do it right away. A complete list of finished animes is also provided, which can be streamed any time.

20. Aniplex of America

There are thousands of dubbed and subtitled anime episodes available for free on Anime-Planet. It’s not just anime, but you can also peruse manga online with this service. As a result, it’s a popular choice among visitors.

21. Anime Online

If you’re looking for an alternative to AnimeNova, here is the place to go. Watch Anime online’s name makes it apparent that the site’s primary goal is to make anime-watching fun for its visitors. There are a lot of subtitled anime and anime movies available on this site. As a result, everyone who uses it gets a treat.


Anime is a popular pastime for many people. It gives them a break from the monotony of their everyday routine. This list of alternatives to AnimeNova is by far the most comprehensive one you’ll find anywhere online.

Most of the sites listed above are not authorised to stream video without owning the copyright to it, so you’re getting all of these free anime streams as a bonus for already knowing this.

So AnimeNova and any similar sites like it can be shut down at any time. However, this does not deter the consumers from continuing to watch their preferred anime. These are the most up-to-date and fresh list of alternatives that we could come up with.