How To Fix ‘CompatTelRunner.exe’ High CPU And Disk Usage

In the realm of Windows operating systems, there exists a plethora of background processes and services that quietly work to maintain and enhance your computing experience.

CompatTelRunner.exe is one such component that plays a crucial role, but it can occasionally lead to concerns regarding high CPU and disk usage. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the meaning of CompatTelRunner.exe,

Its purpose, and the factors that may contribute to its high resource consumption. Additionally, we will explore potential solutions to address this issue. Users have claimed that it slows down their computers and that files appear in Task Manager as CPU and disc use. As a result, it is required to resolve this issue.


Understanding CompatTelRunner.exe

CompatTelRunner.exe, short for Compatibility Telemetry Runner, is a legitimate Windows system process that first made its appearance in Windows 7.

Its primary function is to collect and send data to Microsoft regarding your system’s compatibility with the latest Windows updates, drivers, and software. This data is crucial for Microsoft to improve the overall compatibility and performance of Windows OS.

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How CompatTelRunner.exe Works:

  1. Data Collection: CompatTelRunner.exe collects information about your hardware, software, and system configuration. This data includes details about installed applications, device drivers, and system performance.
  2. Compatibility Analysis: The collected data is analyzed to determine whether your system is compatible with the latest Windows updates, patches, and drivers.
  3. Feedback Transmission: If any compatibility issues are identified, CompatTelRunner.exe sends this information to Microsoft servers, allowing them to address compatibility problems in future updates.

How To Resolve CompatTelRunner.exe Errors High CPU and Disk Usage in Windows 10

Take a look.

Method 1 – Take Ownership Of The CompatTelRunner.exe File and Delete It

Step 1: Open the Start menu after logging in as an administrator. Click the Windows icon at the end of the taskbar or press the Windows key on the keyboard.

Step 2: Type CompatTelRunner.exe into the search box. Right-click on the file named compattelrunner instead of opening it. There will be a drop-down menu. Hold the Windows Key and press R to open a file location.

Step 3: Now type C:WindowsSystem32 into the command prompt. Type CompatTelRunner.exe into the top-right corner’s search bar.

Step 4: Right-click the CompatTelRunner.exe file in the folder and select Properties. Choose Properties in the drop-down option that appears On the screen, a window appears. Select the Advanced button from the Security tab.

Step 5: Select Change owner from the Owner tab once the window has opened. A list of new owners will be displayed. After you’ve chosen your account, click Apply.

Step 6: A timely notice will appear if you attempt to change the ownership. As a result, all open Properties windows should be closed.

Step 7: After that, modify the permissions. Open Properties by right-clicking the CompatTelRunner.exe file again. Return to the Security tab and pick Permissions from the Advanced option. Then select the account you’re currently using. Select Full Control from the pop-up menu, then click Apply.

Method 2: Disable CompatTelRunner.exe in Task Scheduler

Step 1: To begin, hit R while simultaneously holding down the Windows Key.

Step 2: Next, type taskschd.msc into the search box and click OK.

Step 3: Finally, go to Microsoft -> Windows -> Application Experience and open the Task Scheduler Library.

Step 4: Finally, right-click on any of the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser tasks and select Disable.

These methods will safely erase the file. The computer will be up and running in no time.

High CPU and Disk Usage Issue Some Easy Causes and Solutions:

While CompatTelRunner.exe is an essential component for maintaining Windows compatibility, it can sometimes consume excessive CPU and disk resources, leading to system slowdowns. Here are some common causes of this issue and potential solutions:

1. Scheduled Tasks:

  • Cause: CompatTelRunner.exe is typically scheduled to run periodically to collect and transmit compatibility data. During these tasks, it may consume significant resources.
  • Solution: You can manually change the scheduled task settings to run CompatTelRunner.exe at a more convenient time or reduce its frequency. To do this, follow these steps:
    • Open Task Scheduler (search for it in the Start menu).
    • Navigate to “Task Scheduler Library” > “Microsoft” > “Windows” > “Application Experience.”
    • Disable or modify the “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser” task.

2. Corrupted Files:

  • Cause: Corrupted or damaged system files related to CompatTelRunner.exe can lead to resource usage problems.
  • Solution: You can use the built-in System File Checker (SFC) tool to scan and repair corrupted system files. To run SFC, follow these steps:
    • Open Command Prompt as an administrator.
    • Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
    • Wait for the scan to complete and follow any on-screen instructions.

3. Windows Updates:

  • Cause: Sometimes, Windows updates or patches can interfere with CompatTelRunner.exe, causing it to utilize excessive resources.
  • Solution: Ensure that your Windows OS is up to date. Microsoft often releases updates to address such compatibility issues. To check for updates, go to “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Windows Update.”

4. Third-Party Software Conflicts:

  • Cause: Certain third-party software or security applications may conflict with CompatTelRunner.exe.
  • Solution: Temporarily disable or uninstall third-party security software to check if it is causing the resource usage problem. If so, consider updating or replacing the conflicting software.

5. Hardware Limitations:

  • Cause: In some cases, older or low-spec hardware may struggle to handle the resource demands of CompatTelRunner.exe.
  • Solution: Consider upgrading your hardware components (such as RAM or CPU) if you consistently encounter high resource usage due to CompatTelRunner.exe.

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CompatTelRunner.exe, the Compatibility Telemetry Runner, is an integral part of Windows OS that aids in improving system compatibility and performance. However, it can sometimes lead to concerns when it consumes excessive CPU and disk resources.

By understanding the causes and implementing the solutions outlined in this guide, you can effectively manage and mitigate high CPU and disk usage issues related to CompatTelRunner.exe.

Ensuring the smooth functioning of this process is essential for a seamless Windows experience, so don’t hesitate to take action if you encounter such resource usage problems. Thanks for read the Our Fully CompatTelRunner.exe Article. Enjoy the Your Day! And Happy Reading Guys!