How To Fix Discord File Cannot be Empty Error

Discord, a leading platform for community engagement and communication, often encounters a range of technical issues, with the “File Cannot be Empty” error being a notable challenge for users attempting to share content.

This guide delves into the meaning behind this error, explores its causes, and provides practical solutions across various devices, ensuring a smoother Discord experience.

Discord File Cannot be Empty

Understanding the “File Cannot be Empty” Error

The “File Cannot be Empty” error typically appears when users attempt to upload or share files on Discord, but the platform fails to process the request. This message indicates that Discord has not recognized the content of the file being uploaded, treating it as if it were empty even when it’s not.

Causes of the “File Cannot be Empty” Issue

Several factors contribute to this error, including:

  • Corrupted Files: The file might be damaged or corrupted, preventing Discord from reading its contents.
  • Unsupported File Formats: Discord supports a wide range of file types, but not all. Uploading an unsupported format might trigger this error.
  • File Size Exceeds Limit: Discord imposes size limits on file uploads. Exceeding this limit without proper compression or using Discord Nitro for larger uploads can result in errors.
  • Temporary Glitches or Bugs: Occasional bugs or glitches within Discord or the user’s device can interfere with file uploads.

Solutions to the “File Cannot be Empty” Error

Addressing this error involves a series of troubleshooting steps applicable across devices:

  1. Verify File Integrity: Ensure the file is not corrupted. Try opening it with appropriate software on your device to confirm it’s in working order.
  2. Check File Format Compatibility: Refer to Discord’s supported file types and ensure your file matches one of the accepted formats.
  3. Compress or Reduce File Size: If the file size exceeds Discord’s limits, use compression tools or reduce the file’s quality to meet the platform’s requirements.
  4. Restart Discord or Your Device: A simple restart can often resolve temporary glitches affecting file uploads.
  5. Update Discord: Ensure you’re using the latest version of Discord, as updates often fix known bugs and improve functionality.

Discord File Size Limit and Formats

Discord allows most types of files to be shared within its platform, including images, videos, and documents. However, there are limitations to keep in mind:

  • File Size Limit: For free users, the file size limit is 8MB. Discord Nitro subscribers can upload files up to 100MB.
  • Supported File Formats: Discord supports common formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF for images; MP4, MOV for videos; and PDF, DOCX for documents, among others.

Uploading Large Files to Discord

For files exceeding the 8MB limit, users have a few options:

  • Use Discord Nitro: Subscribing to Discord Nitro increases the file size limit to 100MB.
  • External Hosting Services: Upload the file to an external cloud storage service and share the link in Discord.

Discord’s Data Usage

Discord’s data consumption varies based on usage patterns, including voice and video communication, file sharing, and how actively you’re browsing images and videos within servers.

Streaming video or participating in voice channels, especially at high quality, consumes more data. Users concerned about data usage should monitor their activity and adjust settings, such as lowering video quality, to conserve data.

Clearing Discord Cache

Over time, Discord accumulates cache files that can sometimes lead to errors or slow performance. Clearing the cache can resolve issues and improve app functionality:

  1. On Windows: Close Discord > Press Win + R > Type %appdata%/Discord/Cache > Delete all files.
  2. On Mac: Quit Discord > Open Finder > Go > Go to Folder > Type ~/Library/Application Support/Discord/Cache > Delete the contents.

Understanding “Too Powerful” Discord Files

The “too powerful” description is colloquial among Discord users, often referring to files that exceed the platform’s upload limits, either in size or potential impact due to their content. Ensuring files are within acceptable limits and comply with Discord’s community guidelines is essential.

Are Discord Files Safe?

Discord employs various security measures to protect users, but it’s crucial to exercise caution when downloading files from unknown sources. Malicious files can still be shared via the platform. Always ensure your antivirus software is up to date and be wary of files from untrusted parties.

Optimizing File Sharing on Discord

Beyond addressing the “File Cannot be Empty” error, optimizing how you share and manage files on Discord can lead to a more streamlined experience for both you and your audience.

Selective File Sharing

  • Target Audience: Share files relevant to the interests of your server or conversation. This ensures content is meaningful and engaging to participants.
  • Compression Techniques: Utilize file compression tools for large documents or images to adhere to Discord’s file size limitations without sacrificing significant quality.

Data Management Strategies

Given concerns about data usage, especially for mobile users or those with limited internet bandwidth, adopting strategies to manage how much data Discord consumes is beneficial.

Adjust Voice and Video Settings

  • Lowering the bitrate in voice channels and reducing video quality during calls can significantly decrease data usage without drastically impacting the overall experience.

Limit Background Activity

  • Customize Discord’s settings to limit background notifications or data-intensive activities when not actively using the platform.

Safety and Privacy Concerns with File Sharing

Discord’s commitment to user safety includes mechanisms to filter and flag potentially harmful content, but user vigilance is equally important.

Practice Safe Downloading

  • Be cautious of files shared by unknown users or within large public servers. If uncertain about a file’s safety, use online tools to scan for potential threats before opening.

Share Responsibly

  • When uploading files, ensure they’re free of sensitive personal information or copyrighted material that could inadvertently violate Discord’s terms of service or pose privacy risks.

Embracing Discord Nitro for Enhanced File Sharing

For power users or those frequently hitting the free tier’s limitations, Discord Nitro presents a worthwhile investment.

  • Increased File Size Limit: Boosting the limit to 100MB per file opens up more possibilities for sharing high-quality media or comprehensive documents.
  • Additional Benefits: Nitro subscribers enjoy enhanced server privileges, higher quality live streams, and custom emoji options, further enriching the Discord experience.

Navigating File Formats and Compatibility

Understanding the wide array of supported file formats on Discord not only prevents errors but also ensures that the content you share can be readily accessed and enjoyed by recipients.

  • Explore Format Options: Familiarize yourself with Discord’s extensive list of supported file types, and consider converting files into compatible formats before uploading.
  • Use Preview Features: For certain file types, Discord offers preview capabilities directly in the chat window, enhancing the immediacy of shared content.


The “File Cannot be Empty” error on Discord, while frustrating, can usually be resolved through straightforward troubleshooting steps. Understanding the causes, from file corruption to size limits, and applying the appropriate solutions, ensures that sharing content remains a seamless part of your Discord experience.

Regular maintenance, such as updating the app and clearing the cache, along with a mindful approach to data usage and file safety, can enhance your interaction within this vibrant online community.

Whether you’re a casual user or a dedicated member of multiple servers, these insights will help you navigate Discord’s file sharing features more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions about Discord File Sharing

1: Why does Discord say “File Cannot be Empty” when I try to upload a file?

  • Answer: This error typically occurs if the file is corrupted, in an unsupported format, or if there’s a temporary glitch on Discord or your device.

2: How can I fix the “File Cannot be Empty” error on Discord?

  • Answer: Check the file’s integrity, ensure it’s in a supported format, compress the file if it exceeds the size limit, restart Discord or your device, and ensure you’re using the latest version of Discord.

3: What is the file size limit on Discord?

  • Answer: The file size limit is 8MB for free users and 100MB for Discord Nitro subscribers.

4: Which file formats are supported by Discord?

  • Answer: Discord supports a wide range of file formats, including most common image formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF), video formats (MP4, MOV), and document formats (PDF, DOCX).

5: How can I upload large files to Discord?

  • Answer: You can compress the file, subscribe to Discord Nitro for a higher size limit, or use external cloud storage services to share a link in Discord.

6: Does Discord consume a lot of data?

  • Answer: Data usage varies based on your activities. Voice and video communications, especially at high quality, consume more data. Adjusting settings can help manage data consumption.

7: How do I clear Discord’s cache?

  • Answer: On Windows, use Win + R to open Run, type %appdata%/Discord/Cache, and delete the contents. On Mac, use Finder to navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Discord/Cache and do the same.

8: What does “too powerful” mean for a Discord file?

  • Answer: This is a user-coined term typically referring to files that exceed Discord’s upload limits or are exceptionally high in quality or size.

9: Are files shared on Discord safe?

  • Answer: While Discord has safety measures, it’s essential to exercise caution, especially with files from unknown sources. Use antivirus software and be wary of potential threats.

10: How can I tell if I’m blocked from sending files to someone on Discord?

  • Answer: If you’re blocked, you won’t be able to send files or messages to the person, and your previous messages will not display a delivered status.

This FAQ aims to provide quick, actionable advice for common issues and questions related to file sharing on Discord, helping you navigate the platform more effectively and enjoy a richer, trouble-free experience.