10 Best Flixtor Alternatives in 2023

In this era, where the popularity of the OTT platform is increasing day by day, you will rarely find someone who is not part of this community. Popular and reliable site for streaming online movies and TV shows is the hot topic amongst youngsters.

Flixtor was the only answer if you ask for a site to stream movies and online shows. The site was providing great content with good video quality. But the problem arises when it went offline in 2008. However, many sites were claiming to provide content like Flixtor, but most of them were fake. People were facing virus issues on their computers while streaming online on the site.


Indeed, you shouldn’t visit any random site for streaming online movies and TV shows as it could damage your computer. To solve this issue in this article we are providing ten sites similar to the Flixtor, on which you can enjoy your movies and TV shows endlessly.

10 Best Flixtor Alternatives in 2023

Here are the 10 alternatives for Flixtor. You will get some brief information with the name, this will help you to know about the site. Now you can choose the best site for you and enjoy movies and your favorite shows online.

1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is famous for providing high-quality content to its users. They have a wide variety of popular movies and TV shows.You will see a user-friendly interface with a neat and systematic arrangement of movies. This allows you to search for whatever you want with just one click. The quality they are providing is from ‘CAM’ to 1080p.

Whether you are in the mood of watching a horror movie or action movie, you will easily get it on MoviesJoy. If you want, they provide subtitles with the movie, you are watching.Another good thing about this site is you can download a movie if you want to watch it later.

2. Project Free TV

Project Free TV allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free. It doesn’t store this data. Whenever you watch free content on this site it’s likely from a third-party website.So many ads may irritate you while watching videos on this site. However, with the help of an ad breaker, you can enjoy movies without ads.

There are many options for you to choose from. You can watch popular shows and even if you want, you can search for the particular name. Try to not download movies or TV shows from this website, it can cause viruses into your computer.

3. Yahoo View

You can say this is a perfect alternative for Flixtor with some extra qualities. If you don’t want to get in trouble of searching and using a VPN or ad-breaker, you must check this site. It is legal so you don’t need to worry about illegal ads.

The best thing about this site is you can watch trailers of upcoming movies. You will see plenty of options in movies and TV shows. Even if you want to download a movie to watch later, you can easily do it.

When you visit the site, you will surely find it comfortable and attractive. As it provides a great interface and easy-to-access functions. Another noticeable thing is that you don’t need to manually set the quality all the time. The site will take care of that stuff.This site is becoming popular with time.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another streaming site. Whether you are an android user or you have an apple device, you can easily access this site. Tubi TV provides you a great collection of movies and TV shows, you will not get out of options on this.

If you see its interface you will find many popular genres on the homepage. There is a comedy, war, sci-fi, etc, and movies are also sorted accordingly. Even if you want to find any movie, you can easily search it in the search bar.You should visit the site at least once to see its amazing collection of content.

5. Look Movie

Look Movie keeps you updated with the latest movies. You will see new movies on this site as soon as it releases. This is the best site for movie lovers and another perfect alternative for Flixtor.

They have a massive collection of movies. You will surely find whatever you are searching for. Even though you don’t have much idea about the movie it will be easy on Look Movies, as it provides some description with the movie name.

The best thing about this site is, it doesn’t run ads while you watching a video. You can play subtitles to make it more comfortable. Not just English but Look Movies support many other languages. Talking about the quality you can watch movies from 720p to 1080p, which will give you an amazing experience.

However, for higher quality, you may need to wait for some time.Sometimes you may have to compromise on the quality of the latest release. Other than this downside you will get a good experience on the site.

6. Popcorn Time

Even though Popcorn Time is an application, it is worth mentioning in this list. Whether you are using Linux, Windows, Android, or iOS devices, you can easily access this application.It is one of the popular applications for presenting a wide range of movies and TV shows.

On the homepage itself, you will get many popular movies. You just need to click on the thumbnail and then choose the quality suitable to you. Adding or removing subtitles is also possible.Popcorn time gives you the same experience as on flixtor. All you needed is just a fingertip apart.

7. SubsMovies

SubsMovies offers you many features to make your experience comfortable. It has a user-friendly interface.They provide you platform for watching your favorite movie on the site itself. It doesn’t risk your privacy and you can enjoy watching without any fear.

You will see a large library of movies sorted neatly. It will help you to find any movie easily. Even though you are looking for a different title, you can find it in no time.

The subtitles are available for the movie. It won’t bother you even if you are watching a movie in an unfamiliar language. One more advantage is that you can pause the video and translate the subtitles into your native language.

8. Watch Series

Watch Series is another alternative for Flixtor.This site allows you to stream content for free. You will get a wide variety of movies and TV shows on the site. However, you can face irritating ads on the site.Watch series doesn’t store anything on the site. Whenever you visit the site, you will be redirected to another site.

This can harm your privacy. Playing videos may take some time.For enjoying movies or TV shows online on the Watch Series, VPN with an ad-breaker would be helpful to you. In this way, you can protect your privacy while watching shows.

9. Rakuten TV

Many people might don’t know about Rakuten TV but it is keeping many other people entertained. They have secured agreement from many content providers so it’s safe for you to watch your favorite content on Rakuten TV.

You might not get the latest movies on this site. But it has great variety in content. You will never feel out of options on the site. If you are a Hollywood fan it worth giving time to this site.

Rakuten TV is available in forty countries. Even if it is not available in your country with the help of a VPN you can easily access it.The content they are providing is free but you need to register on their site to access it. it is also available as an application. So, you can enjoy it on your mobile too.

10. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is too old in this journey. It offers you the simplest interface to enjoy movies online. Whatever the name is you can play it in one or two clicks. They have some great content to entertain you. Along with the movie you can also watch famous TV shows on this site.

There is also an app available for you. Popcornflix is popular for the speed and amazing quality it provided for streaming movies. You can surely give it a try as a Flixtor alternative.


In summary, taking into consideration the Flixtor going offline without any notice, you should prepare for the alternatives. There are some safe sites but you couldn’t watch all the content on those. However, you must take care while streaming on the free sites. Using VPN, you can protect your privacy as well as your computer from malfunction.