7 Best Free ‘Voice Changer for Discord’

A voice changer can be a fun way to communicate on Discord, especially if you’re a fan of the platform itself. You can alter your voice or pretend to be someone else during a chat.

There are a variety of options and applications accessible to use this tool, whether it is free or paid, both of which can be found online. We’ll discuss the top free Discord voice changers in this post.


What Are the Benefits of Voice Changers?

So, the obvious question is, “Why use voice changers at all?” Well, different people use voice changers for different reasons, but the primary goal is to have a good time. Many people use it to hide their identities on Discord in order to play pranks or abuse others.

For those under the age of 18, this is a great way to get into an NSFW community without getting banned. Other people’s gender can be concealed by the use of voice changers, and these individuals enjoy making fools of others.

As a result, voice changers can also be used to conceal one’s identity, age, or gender.

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Free Voice Changer for Discord

Discord voice changers are what we’ll discuss next, so buckle up. The following is a list of the most popular and best voice changers, each of which has its own pros and downsides. So you’ll need to choose the one that works best for you and your specific needs.

There are a lot of great tools out there, but each of them has its own strengths and disadvantages.

1. Cockroaches

You should use this if you prefer user interfaces that are easy to use and simple tools. It has a simple and straightforward design that may also alter your voice in a variety of ways. It’s a great tool for changing your tone of voice. If it had additional effects or functions, it could be the finest voice changer.


  • It’s free, and you don’t have to sign up for anything or make an account to use it.
  • All Windows versions are supported.
  • This is a cinch to set up and takes only a few minutes.


  • Except for a custom pitch function, there aren’t many other options.
  • There are some voices and accents that are difficult to comprehend.
  • Only a few options for changing the voice of a girl.

2. MorphVOX

It could be the finest voice changer for discord on a PC. There are a plethora of sound effects and voice effects to choose from. However, the paid version is the sole drawback of this programme.

Only the entire set of effects and functionality are available in the free version. The free version, on the other hand, lets you take advantage of some of its features. However, the paid version is still a lot better than the free one.


  • Uses a fraction of the CPU’s power and bandwidth.
  • This is one of the most impressive sound effects ever.
  • Useful shortcuts to maximise the tool’s potential.
  • Features and impacts are numerous.


  • The complete version may only be accessed with a paid membership.
  • The user interface isn’t intuitive and has a clucky appearance.
  • The installation process was a little challenging.

3. The VoiceMode

One of the most effective voice changers out there. In addition, there are a number of useful effects and options included. The greatest voice changer might be this one if you want to alter your recorded voice. The quality isn’t as good as recorded.

But it’s fine for voice chats and real-time voice changes. However, it does the job. It provides a wide range of options and effects, as well.


  • Recordings of the vocals sound fantastic.
  • The designs created by experts are stunning.
  • The setup process is also straightforward.


  • A premium version disables a slew of features.
  • There are numerous errors in grammar and spelling.
  • Until you open the software, the premium version is hidden.

4. VoxalVoice

There are some issues and annoyances with this voice changer, but it’s still a nice one overall. In spite of the fact that the software itself is relatively simple to set up and use, the paid edition of the software blocks some really useful features and effects.

As a result of the premium version, a slew of noteworthy voices and resources are inaccessible.


  • The CPU usage is quite low.
  • The UI is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Live and recorded voices can be used.


  • There are various issues with Steam games, as some work and some don’t.
  • In terms of installation and use, the version that is ad-free is a bit of a pain.
  • In certain cases, the voices resemble one another.

5. Discord’s Voice Changer

Except for a few fonts that aren’t very well designed, the software’s user interface is quite attractive. The only drawback to this is that it requires a lengthy download. Because there is no official website for it, you’ll need to find a third-party website to get it.

Downloading the app on a device that isn’t an Android phone or tablet may also be challenging. It’s also quite easy to use, speedy, and dependable.


  • Discord’s servers are quite easy to reach.
  • It’s easy and quick.
  • CPU power usage is low.
  • Numerous attributes.


  • Getting your hands on it isn’t easy.
  • There are no or very few stable versions available.
  • Its creator has likewise stopped working.
  • There isn’t any online presence for this project.

6. Listening for Pleasure

It’s easy to use and contains a few sophisticated functions. Because it’s more focused on skype than discord, this one isn’t as high on our list of best options. In addition, obtaining and installing the free version of this software is extremely tough.

On their website, you’ll find a slew of freebies. However, its user interface is what really sets it apart. This user interface should appeal to the vast majority of technophiles.


  • Voice morphing and other advanced functions.
  • Pay-for-or-not-for-trial options are readily available.
  • You can alter the settings to your heart’s content for optimal results.


  • Paid versions have unfairly high prices.
  • Discord can’t do everything.
  • First, you need to know what you’re doing.

7. Effects-Based Voice Changer

There are a lot of cool voice-changing effects and features in this programme as well. The primary issue with this is that it was designed for cellphones. It looks a little awkward on a computer.

You also have to figure out how to connect it to discord, which can be a challenge.


  • Sound can have a variety of affects.
  • Make a copy of what you’ve recorded and keep it somewhere safe.
  • Using it is a breeze.


  • Laging is a common occurrence.
  • Discording a link can be tough.
  • Access to the storage is required.

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Consequently, each piece of software is the finest in its field. You can search for the greatest programme for your needs and utilise it. I hope you and your pals have a fantastic time looking for an excellent voice changer.