21 Best Alternative Sites Of ‘Cricfree’ for Live Sport Streaming

In terms of cricket information, CricFree is one of the world’s most popular websites. With Cricfree, you can keep up to date on all the latest cricket news while simultaneously watching your favourite matches live and for free online.

It’s possible to watch your favourite sporting events live on Cricfree no matter where you are or what time of day it is. The website is widely regarded as the most popular sports-related site on the internet because of the features it offers.

No matter where or when you are, you can access your content via any device with HD clarity and start streaming immediately. The website is adored and revered by many because of the reputation it has built.


Because of various unconfirmed reasons, the website has now been shut down. Millions of people were shocked and saddened by the news as it spread across the internet.

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21 Best Alternative Sites Of CricFree

As a result of the site’s closure, a slew of new options for watching live online sporting events across a wide range of sports have popped up, which is why you’ve found us. We’ve put together a list of 21 sites that we think you’ll enjoy instead of Cricfree:

1. Stream2Watch

Access to live sports on this site is well-known. Because the site has labels for various sports that can be clicked and accessed, it is extremely organised.

There are also specified start and end times for each event on Stream2watch, so sports fans can follow along in real time. The user experience will be similar to that of Cricfree because the site is very similar.

2. VIPBox

It’s a blast to spend time on VIP Box. The UI is reminiscent of animated board games from the 2000s. Buttons labelling various sports teams and athletes can be found throughout the website.

Selecting a sport and watching it live in real time is possible for sports fans. Football, cricket, baseball, and other sports are all represented on the site.

3. Ronaldo7

Is football a big part of your life? If you want to watch live football games from around the world via the internet, this is the best place to go. A live HD stream of football games is available through each link provided.

As such, if you’re on the go but still can’t miss the Chelsea vs. Manchester City match, Ronaldo7 has you covered.

4. Scores in Live

Keep up-to-date on your favourite sports and athletes by visiting this website. This live-streaming site has a large display of current scores and live play. This website is inaccessible to anyone who isn’t into sports.

Thousands of people tune in every day to watch the scores in Live. It’s easy to see how quickly that adds up each month. However, we encourage you to take a look at this site and see if it suits your needs!

5. FromHot

There is a large collection of sports matches on FromHot that you may want to watch again or that you may have missed the first time around. Watch a wide variety of sports on this website. CricFree users may find this site to be a viable alternative.

After the demise of CricFree, the number of visitors to this site has risen significantly. It’s reasonable to assume that many CricFree users have taken advantage of this opportunity to indulge their passion for sports by watching them live and for free on the internet.


Fans of football can’t get enough of LAOLA1, a wildly popular website. If you’re a football fan, you’re likely to have heard of this website and used it to watch games online when you had no other option.

As a result, LAOLA1.tv is a great resource for football fans who want to revisit some of the greatest matches ever played.

7. VIPLeague

FromHot’s user interface is a lot like this one. This website is bursting with sports. It’s all about sports, and streaming is as easy as breathing on this site.

You can rely on this site for high-quality streaming and timely updates due to the positive user experience and reviews. Check out this website if you haven’t already!

8. StreamHunter

A sports-streaming website, as the name implies. The site is a great alternative to CricFree.com. With this site, the user can sit back and watch the exciting matches with no hiccups in HD quality. When it comes to great streaming quality, this is a site you can’t miss!

9. StreamWoop

You can watch a wide range of sporting events live on this website. As with FromHot, it rose to prominence as a viable replacement for CricFree after the service was discontinued and users began searching for an alternative.

Streaming live on this app has always been a lot of fun, and the quality has always been excellent. There is also a forum on the website where you can engage in discussions about various sports and other pursuits.

10. Bosscast

CricFree second best competitor. When it comes to high-quality live streaming, this site is a gold mine. The best part of BOSS CAST’s live streaming? This is a completely free service!

If you have a decent Wi-Fi connection, you can watch your favourite sports in high quality for free. We have high hopes that you’ll enjoy this website’s style and content.

11. Streaming of the Batman movie

This is a good site for sports fans who want to know what’s going on in the world of sports on the day they open the site as well as what’s going on the next day.

A lot of information is available on the site, and it’s organised in a way that makes it easy for fans to find the sport they want to watch and watch it while doing so.

12. Athlete’s Lemon

With a library and stock of matches of all kinds, Sportlemon is a good alternative to CricFree and has a user interface that is similar to that of FromHot. Free live streaming is available in high definition quality.

There are a number of sports that can be watched live on this site; these include tennis and basketball as well as cricket and football. See if it’s right for you by trying it out for yourself.

13. Feed2All

For its sports broadcasts, Feed2all is well-known. This is yet another well-known brand in the world of free live streaming sports platforms.

This site has a well-organized set of buttons or options that make finding matches of your favourite sport a breeze. CricFree and Stream2watch don’t have to worry about this. However, the HD quality isn’t always consistent.

14. StrikeOut

An excellent user experience is provided by StrikeOut. A review and feedback section on the site led us to discover that StrikeOut was a popular sports streaming service. And it’s for a good reason.

You can watch your favourite sporting event for free and in high definition. This website’s user interface is aesthetically pleasing. The site is a lot of fun to use in general.

15. Firstrowsports

This is an excellent CricFree replacement. The focus of the website is on sports of all kinds. You can watch your favourite sporting events live and for free on Firstrowsports. If there is a game that you absolutely must not miss, you can rely on the positive feedback from this site to a greater or lesser extent.

You can access this website on any device that has a web browser. Depending on your preference, you can watch the show on TV at home or via mobile device while on the go.

16. Stop Streaming

This website satisfies all of your desires for live sports streaming and viewing. There is a high-definition video stream available for your viewing pleasure on the website. It’s a great experience for users.

Many people enjoy using it because of how visually appealing it is. We’ve heard nothing but good things about this website, so we’d encourage you to take a look around. Among the best that we have to offer, this is it.

17. StreamSports

In your search for live sports streaming sites, Stream Sports is another option to consider. The site’s video quality and download speed are well-known, as is the pleasant user experience it provides.

If we’re being honest, this site’s user interface is quite impressive. From the site, you may choose from a wide range of sports to watch in real time, and then simply click on the “Watch Live” button to begin watching the game live.

18. fubuTV

This is a good replacement for CricFree, and it’s free. You can still rely on the site to deliver high-quality HD streaming of sporting events, despite the fact that it requires a small fee.

As a sports streaming expert, the site provides additional information about the sport, and its credibility is judged by ESPN and TENSPORTS references.

19. MyP2P, Inc.

Despite its odd name, we can confidently say that the site is a legitimate source for watching live sports events. CricFree’s feedback on this site isn’t great, but it’s still better than nothing.

All of the most popular sports are covered on the site, and you can stream any that catch your eye. As a user, you have access to an enormous database of previously-stored matches that you can choose from.

20. LiveSports24

Fans of sports who want to stay on top of their favourite teams and upcoming games can find everything they need on this website. In addition to helping you watch your favourite sports match for free, the site provides you with updates on upcoming matches and matches that have already been played.

You can watch your favourite sport from anywhere in the world by using this website.. Aside from that, the site is able to adapt to the needs of any user. As a result, it’s available for viewing on a variety of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, televisions, and even mobile phones.

21. GoatDee

Finally, we have goATDEE for your consideration. If you want to watch your favourite sporting events without any interruptions or glitches, this is the site for you. It’s also excellent in terms of clarity.

There’s no need to worry about being unable to use your device because of bad signals. If you have good Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to do this. In addition to being a great place to watch videos, the administration of this site is also quite competent. All in all, it’s a nice website that you might like!

Details About the CricFree Website:

In the digital age, sports enthusiasts worldwide seek convenient ways to catch live matches and events from the comfort of their screens. Cricfree has emerged as a prominent platform in the world of live sports streaming, offering a wide array of sporting content for fans to enjoy.

This SEO-optimized article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Cricfree, delving into its content diversity, user experience, key features, potential concerns, and its role in the world of online sports streaming.

Whether you’re a devoted sports fan or someone looking to catch the action on occasion, this guide will navigate you through all things Cricfree.

What is Cricfree?

Cricfree is an online platform renowned for providing access to live sports streaming, allowing fans to watch their favorite matches and tournaments in real-time.

It has gained popularity for offering a diverse range of sports content without the need for a subscription fee. Cricfree serves as a convenient and accessible destination for sports enthusiasts looking to catch the action as it unfolds.

Key Features of Cricfree

  1. Live Sports Coverage: Cricfree offers live streaming of various sports, including football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and more.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that users can navigate and access live sports content effortlessly.
  3. Multiple Streaming Links: Cricfree provides multiple streaming links for each match, ensuring uninterrupted access to live sports action.
  4. No Subscription Required: Cricfree offers free access to its sports streams, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious sports fans.

Exploring Cricfree’s Sports Diversity

Cricfree’s primary strength lies in its extensive sports coverage, catering to fans of various sports and leagues, from mainstream events to niche competitions.

Mainstream Sports

Cricfree covers a wide range of mainstream sports, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis, ensuring that fans of popular sports have plenty to explore and enjoy.

Niche Sports and Leagues

Fans of niche sports and less-publicized leagues can also find content tailored to their interests, fostering a sense of inclusivity and diversity in Cricfree’s offerings.

Navigating the User-Friendly Interface

Cricfree is designed to provide a user-friendly experience, ensuring that sports fans can easily access live streams without technical complications.

Accessibility Across Devices

Cricfree is accessible on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This multi-device compatibility allows users to enjoy live sports on their preferred screens.

The Appeal of Free Sports Streaming

One of the standout features of Cricfree is its free access model. Sports enthusiasts can watch live matches and events without incurring any subscription fees, making it an attractive option for fans looking to enjoy sports on a budget.

Considerations for Free Sports Streaming

While free access is undoubtedly appealing, it’s essential for users to be aware of potential concerns and ethical considerations. Understanding copyright and legality issues is crucial when streaming live sports on platforms like Cricfree.

Potential Concerns and Ethical Considerations

Cricfree’s free access model, while convenient, can come with certain concerns and ethical considerations. Users should be cautious and informed about these potential pitfalls.

Advertisements and Pop-ups

Using Cricfree may expose users to advertisements, including pop-ups and banners. Interacting with ads can sometimes be intrusive, and users should exercise caution when clicking on ads.

Copyright and Legality

Cricfree and similar platforms often provide access to copyrighted sports content without proper licensing. Engaging with such content may infringe on copyright laws, potentially leading to legal consequences for users.

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Conclusion: While CricFree was a great streaming site, we have provided you with some equally good sites that you might like. These websites have a lot of great features that you may not want to miss out on.

Though we can’t promise you anything, we do hope this article was useful to you in some way and that you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. This concludes our coverage for the day. We’ll miss you and hope to see you again soon!