11 Best Alternative Sites Of Yahoo View in 2023

Yahoo and Hulu teamed up to offer Yahoo View as a streaming service. Hulu and Yahoo have teamed up to make all of their content available for free to users. As a result of this collaboration, Hulu’s free services were shut down and all free content was moved to Yahoo View.

11 Best Alternative Sites Of Yahoo

As of June 30th, 2020, Yahoo View will also be shutting down. So that you can continue to watch movies and TV shows online, here are some Yahoo View alternative.


1. YouTube

For those who enjoy watching videos online, YouTube is the place to go. You can also save the videos to your computer from YouTube. In addition, many videos can be streamed online for free, while others require a subscription fee to watch. For a small fee, you can access these videos on the internet for free.

You can find anything on YouTube, whether it’s for fun, fashion, or the news. If you’d like, you can also start your own YouTube channel and share your videos there. YouTube has become a popular platform for media outlets, who post short clips and highlights from their stories. Like Yahoo’s featured content, this feature allows you to highlight specific pieces of content.

For celebrity news, you should look at other people’s televisions. There are a number of news channels, including CNN and FOX News, that cover current events.

2. Roku Channel

You can watch movies and TV shows online through the Roku Channel. Most of the content on this site is free to access, but there are a few items that require you to stream them from the internet. Aside from that, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of new releases, classics, and even live news coverage around the clock.

3. Tumblr

Twitter is an online social media platform that displays videos at the top of your homepage whenever there is a significant event. In addition, it provides brief and current news summaries. It’s safe to say that this feature is a lot like Yahoo’s View.

4. Pluto TV

Located in the United States, Pluto TV is a streaming video service. You can even find some features that are very similar to those of Yahoo View, making it an excellent choice as a substitute. In addition, you can watch more than 250 channels for free and thousands of on-demand movies and television shows at no additional cost. On the website, users can also stream movies and television shows for free. You don’t have to pay a cent to watch television shows online.


Anime series are a big draw for Yahoo View. Using Crunchyroll instead of Yahoo View is a great option because it’s the best place to find anime-related content. In addition, you can find a wide range of content ranging from manga to magazines to all or any anime. This is a one-stop shop for all your needs. An extensive collection of anime is available on the website. Videos can be viewed in high definition on the website.

6. Tubi TV

As a replacement for Yahoo View, we recommend you try Tubi tv. You won’t have to pay a subscription fee to watch movies and television shows on this site. It includes a wide variety of movies and television shows that can be viewed online.

Watch movies and television shows from a wide range of genres, such as action-comedy or documentary-style. Award-winning and nominated films and television shows can be found on the website.

Tube TV is available on a wide range of platforms, including Android and iOS phones and tablets as well as Roku and Apple TV sets, as well as Amazon Fire TV sets and the Xfinity X1 set-top box.

7. Couchtuner

With CouchTuner, you can watch your favourite shows in record time. The site keeps you up to date on the most recent batch of upcoming television series and shows. The website’s design is unappealing.

On the homepage of the website, there is a search box where you can type in the content you want to watch. There are a number of mirror links on the site that you can use if you encounter any problems with a specific link.

8. TheWatchSeries

There is a website called TheWatchSeries tv where you can watch the latest, most popular television shows and series for free. The website’s design is both user-friendly and visually appealing. The site is always informing you about new television series and movies.

You can watch your favourite shows online with just one click thanks to the website’s straightforward design. On this site, you’ll find a wide variety of television shows. Additionally, you’ll be notified via email when new episodes of popular television series set in the area are scheduled to air.

9. TVMuse

TVMuse is an all-in-one video-streaming service. It has five sections, including a TV Guide, a Movie Guide, a Site Guide, and a Social Networking Component. It has a comprehensive TV schedule that includes all of the most popular shows and programmes. In addition, the site provides a brief description of each.

Free HD movies can be streamed or downloaded from the site. To enhance the user’s experience, the website provides daily updates on new movie releases. It’s possible to watch and download movies via the TVMuse service, too. If you’re a fan of low-budget movies, TVMuse may be the service for you.

10. HBO GO

In addition to the current and past series, sports events, films, and specials on HBO, HBO GO allows subscribers to stream all HBO content for free through the HBO website or application. Streaming fans who want to watch their favourite content at any time and from any location in the United States and certain US territories can take advantage of the site.

Unique series and other content from a variety of genres can be found here. There are separate episodes and streams for each type of content. In addition to news and talk shows, you’ll find thought-provoking documentaries and other special events on this channel..

11. Yidio

For free, you can watch all of the movies and television shows on Yidio, a website that offers this service. There are several categories on the site where you can watch just aired episodes, popular movies, popular television shows, and trending episodes.

The site provides a brief synopsis of each supported film and television show so that you can decide which one to watch. There is a vast collection of movies and television shows available on the website. This website offers a wide range of films and television shows from a variety of genres.


After using Yahoo View, try some of these other options. These alternatives to YahooView are sure to please.