10 Best Alternatives to 9Anime for Watching Anime Movies and TV Shows

Anime’s popularity is on the rise at an alarming rate. Fans of 9Anime can be found in every corner of the globe. A majority of these fans wish to broadcast their anime online through safe and simple services. Many anime viewers’ first pick is 9Anime.

9Anime allows visitors to View and Download HD Anime Series and Movies. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface and a big number of videos and other interesting content kept in its database.


Because of its high-quality streaming content in 1080p, 9Anime is a favourite among anime enthusiasts around.

Watching Anime Movies and TV Shows on 9Anime? 

In this article, we offer for you the greatest of the best anime streaming sites like 9Anime. We’ve also provided a short explanation for your convenience.

1. YouTube.com

The fact that YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming service comes as no surprise. It may carry a wide range of information, including anime. Anime can be found online.

You’ll be able to access a wide range of exciting new anime videos from a variety of channels. TeamFourStar, Funimation, Lolweapon and The Anime Man are a few of the most well-known ones.

Anime fans of all kinds may meet and debate their favourite plots and storylines in the YouTube comments section. Anime movies and series aren’t the only things you’ll find on YouTube.

If you want, you can download anime videos and movies from YouTube using any YouTube video downloader. You’ll be able to watch your favourite anime whenever you want because of this. Streaming sports on YouTube is very popular.

2. Hulu

Another great resource for anime fans around the world is Hulu. This site has a wide variety of subtitled and dubbed anime TV series and movies. Hulu is a free and simple to use streaming service.

This website makes it simple for anyone to access both live and on-demand programming. Hulu’s homepage offers only the most recent anime releases. Millions of people throughout the world use it, making it extremely popular.

Movies and TV series can be found in plenty on Hulu. It’s easy to find whatever video you’re looking for on this site. Compared to other free anime streaming sites, this site’s UI and user experience are top-notch.

The thumbnail and title of an anime can be selected, and then you can sit back and relax as you watch it for free.

3. Kissanime

KissAnime is a popular anime streaming website that has gained worldwide acclaim. Furthermore, it is a free site where you may view high-quality anime and cartoons.

English subtitled and dubbed anime can be found in high definition. If you want a hassle-free streaming experience on KissAnime, you’ll need to register.

Kiss Anime is a mobile-friendly site that is always being updated with fresh content. – Also, there is a Japanese anime and manga area, as well as a movie section.

If you’re looking for the most recent seasons and episodes of your favourite anime series, check out KissAnime, an old streaming service. This site is unquestionably the best substitute for 9Anime for you. Anime fans may watch and download all of their favourite shows here.

4. AnimeHeroes

AnimeHeros is a brand-new online destination for anime video on demand. It has all of the most popular and recent movies and television shows.

Also included is a part that informs you about the most popular and popular animes on this site. All of the content on this site can be streamed or downloaded for free of charge.

On the AnimeHeros website, you may watch and download stuff quickly. Additionally, the user has the option of choosing between 720p and 1080p high quality for their video viewing pleasure.

Ads on the home page will not disturb your anime watching experience. You can also opt to watch an anime dubbed in English. Additionally, AnimeHeros offers a user-friendly UI that is straightforward and efficient.

5. KuroAni

9Anime’s replacement, KuroAni, is a solid choice. All of the content is free to use. Anime films, movies, TV episodes, and series can be viewed by the public.

If you’re seeking for anime with English subtitles, you can also try KuroAni. KuroAni gives users the option to download videos and watch them later when they want to.

The KuroAni website has an amazing user interface and user experience. To view the content on this website, you do not have to sign up for anything.

Here, you may effortlessly search for the anime and videos of your choosing. As an alternative to 9Anime, this is one of the greatest and safest options you’ve got there.

6. GoGoAnime

Many anime and cartoon series can be streamed and downloaded for free at GoGoAnime.

All of its anime and series are regularly updated and categorised for the convenience of its users. Many anime genres, release dates, watch-list preferences and the most recent episodes/seasons are available for you to search through.

English subtitles and dubs are available on the GoGoAnimes website, allowing viewers from around the world to take advantage of the streaming service.

This website’s user interface is excellent, and it allows you to keep track of your most-watched anime episodes in a convenient watch list. GoGo Anime, a popular anime streaming software, has garnered a lot of traction.

Here, you can watch as much anime as you want for free. GoGo Anime is also well-known for its dedication to providing top-notch customer service. At any time, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

7. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima offers free online streaming of the most popular and most recently added anime series.

There’s a section for the most recent episodes and the most popular series. As well as various anime series, anime dramas, movies, and television shows are available on AnimeUltima. It’s a great substitute for 9Anime.

AnimationUltima’s website features an amazing design, with a clear and ad-free homepage. An anime search bar is available for your convenience. Anime Ultima offers a wide variety of anime videos, from the original to the dubbed version.

It has a broad variety of anime to choose from, making it a popular choice for anime fans. It’s one of the best alternatives to 9Anime for anime fans.

8. AnimeStreams

AnimeStreams is without a doubt one of the top online anime streaming services like 9Anime. You may watch the most recent episodes of anime on it. Additionally, you can use keywords on the main page to find the anime you’re looking for.

At the same time, you may use the current tab to find new streaming series or TV shows. Additionally, there is a search function that allows you to find your favourite anime.

AnimeStreams also offers dubbed and subtitled videos in English. Users from around the world will find it easy to navigate because of this. AnimeStreams also has the most intuitive user interface out of all the options.

On its homepage, there are no pop-up advertisements. There are no annoying phishing websites using this browser. As a result, it is without a doubt the most user-friendly internet streaming service.

9. 123Movies

123Anime is an excellent alternative to 9Anime in terms of anime streaming. There is no doubt that 123Animes has a massive collection of anime-related stuff, including TV shows, series, movies, and more.

This is a great resource for finding out about recent and future anime releases. In addition, this website is free to use and has all of the videos you could ever want. The videos are also available in English dubbed and dubbed formats.

With 123Anime’s live chat features, you can talk to other anime fans from all over the world. In this way, it serves as an anime fan social media site.

To top it all off, using 123Anime is absolutely risk-free. Using the tabs, you may quickly find what you’re looking for.

10. The Crunchyroll

In the end, we’ve saved the greatest 9Anime substitute for last. Crunchyroll is a service that allows you to stream anime movies and television shows. Crunchyroll, on the other hand, does charge for the privilege of watching anime in the cloud.

iOS and Android users only have access to the app for free. PC users must pay a subscription fee in order to access the site’s content. The best thing about this website is that you can watch videos in English dub. Crunchyroll also offers videos with English subtitles.

Here, you’ll find an easy-to-use interface and an excellent user experience. All popular anime series have their own list for users to choose from. Anime films, TV shows, dramas, and series may all be found on Crunchyroll.

All three have more than 25,000 episodes of the most recent and popular anime. As a result, it’s one of the greatest 9Anime alternatives because you can watch in high definition. It’s also worth noting that Stream2Watch is an attractive site user.

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That’s all there is to it. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 9Anime alternatives for your convenience. It’s possible to watch high-quality videos online and download all the anime that you want.

You should also know that they are virus-free and won’t do any harm to your computer. Finally, we hope you have a wonderful time streaming!