How To Fix ‘Failed To Enumerate Objects in the Container’ Windows 10 Error

As the world progresses, we have changed according to the pattern of market and have operated through the current trend. In the modern world where everyone is engaged through technology, mainly through computers and laptop.

As we all are familiar with laptops and computers, they have become an important aspect in our life as mostly all our work depends on that and it helps us to formulate various numbers of operation on daily basis and makes our work superior and easier day by day.

But these devices sometimes might possess error which be an obstacle in your work and one such error is Failed to Enumerate Objects in the Container and in this article, we will study about it in detail.

Generally, the error Failed to Enumerate Objects in the Container prevails in Windows 10 and occurs while dealing with files and folder permissions. Whenever you face this error, a dialog box appears stating ‘An error occurred while applying security information’.

Failed To Enumerate Objects in the Container

As we know, Windows provides us to share our files and folders to various platforms and while seeking permission this error occurs and hinders the sharing of folders. This error is mainly caused due coalition between two files or due to incorrect configuration of files.

We know that people many times try to ignore these errors and not to fix this problem but it is better to fix this problem immediately so that you won’t face these issues frequently and can update your device immediately and without facing any kind of hindrance.

If you facing this error don’t worry as in this article, we have provided with solutions that could help you to overcome this error. Methods provided here are very effective and simple to apply and it won’t take long time to fix this error. So, stay tuned to the article which you help to overcome error.

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Understanding the Error

“Failed To Enumerate Objects in the Container” is a Windows 10 error message that typically occurs when you attempt to access or modify a file or folder’s permissions. It often manifests in scenarios where you are trying to make changes to a file or folder, and Windows throws up this roadblock.

Common Situations Where the Error May Occur:

  • Trying to delete, move, or rename a file or folder.
  • Attempting to change permissions or security settings for a file or folder.
  • Accessing files or folders on a network drive.

How to fix Failed to Enumerate Objects in the Container error?

As we have discussed this error is quite common and it could solve easily by following the solutions provided below. These solutions are based on Window 10 settings so if you are using another OS then solutions might differ from the solutions provided below.

There are 3 solutions to deal with error so let’s check them out.

Fix 1 – Using Elevated Command Prompt

First one on the list is by using elevated command prompt. Elevated command prompt is function in Windows that allows you to hold the command of various functions with administrative privileges.

Whenever you start your device your Windows settings by default are set in way you are not provided with all the commands and have limit access to them.

So, if you are facing error Failed to Enumerate Objects you have to access certain command prompts in order to seek permission for sharing your files. Following methods will guide you to use Elevated command prompt in your device.

Step 1: Click in Windows and type cmd in search box and click Enter.

Step 2: As Command prompt app appears, right click on it and select Run as administrator.

Step 3: Now as you can see various command are there in window. Copy and paste all commands you want to execute in the command window.

Step 4: After that save your work and see if the error is discharged or not.

Fix 2 – Change Folder Ownership

Next solution on the list is to change folder ownership. This method is considered to be one of the best methods to overcome this error and is recommended by various experts from Microsoft.

Generally, change folder ownership refers to taking the ownership of providing the permissions of all files and folders in your own terms so that you can provide permissions yourself while sharing any file or folder on any folder.

There might some situations where you have to take ownership as the error Failed to Enumerate Objects doesn’t allow your files to be shared on any platform.

This process might be tricky so one has to be careful while applying methods in order to overcome the error. You can change ownership of your folder by following the steps provided below.

Step 1: Select the folder in which you are facing error and right click on it. Among the options appeared select Properties tab and open it.

Step 2: As the Property tab open, click on Security tab on the options provided. Then click on Advanced button.

Step 3: Now as a new Advanced Security tab opens look for the Change option in the Owner section and click it

Step 4: Now click on Find now option and then select the user name or group you want to control.

Step 5: Noe select the username and press OK. Now at the top an option appears Replace owner on sub containers and objects and uncheck it and click Apply.

Step 6: Now click on Add and see if you have granted for all kinds of permissions.

Step 7: Now select Principal and type Everyone in Check name box and click OK.

Step 8: Now exit the screen and see if the error is exhausted or not.

Fix 3 – Suppress Warnings to fix Failed to Enumerate Objects in the Container Error

Last method on the list is to suppress warnings for error. Generally, when you try to change the permission of a particular folder you receive various warnings regarding not to change permission so it is better to block these messages and warnings.

Following steps will guide you to do it.

Step 1: In Search menu type Then Change User Account Control Settings will appear. Open it.

Step 2: You will see a dragger on left side. Push that dragger to bottom for the option never notify and click OK.

Step 3: After that Restart your device and see if you receive any warning thereafter.

Some Easy And Short Possible Causes of the Error:

To effectively troubleshoot and resolve the “Failed To Enumerate Objects in the Container” error, it’s important to understand the potential causes. Here are some common culprits:

1. Permission Issues:

  • Cause: The most frequent cause of this error is related to file or folder permissions. If your user account lacks the necessary permissions, you won’t be able to access or modify the object.
  • Solution: To resolve this, you need to take ownership of the file or folder and grant yourself the appropriate permissions. Here’s how you can do it:
    • Right-click on the problematic file or folder and select “Properties.”
    • Go to the “Security” tab and click on “Advanced.”
    • In the “Advanced Security Settings” window, click on “Change” next to the owner’s name.
    • Enter your user account name and click “Check Names” to verify it. Click “OK.”
    • Back in the “Advanced Security Settings” window, check the box that says “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.”
    • Click “Apply” and then “OK” to close all windows.
    • You should now be able to access or modify the file or folder without encountering the error.

2. Corrupted User Profile:

  • Cause: In some cases, a corrupted user profile can lead to this error. If your user profile is damaged, it may not have the necessary permissions to perform actions on files and folders.
  • Solution: Create a new user profile and transfer your files and settings to the new profile. Here’s how:
    • Create a new user account with administrative privileges.
    • Log in to the new user account.
    • Copy your files from the old profile to the new one.
    • Reconfigure your settings and applications in the new profile.

3. File/Folder Corruption:

  • Cause: If the file or folder itself is corrupted, you may encounter this error when trying to access or manipulate it.
  • Solution: In this case, your best option is to restore the file or folder from a backup, if available. If not, you may need to accept the loss of the data.

4. Third-Party Software Interference:

  • Cause: Certain third-party security software or utilities can interfere with file and folder operations, leading to this error.
  • Solution: Temporarily disable or uninstall any third-party security software or utilities that may be causing the issue. Check if the error persists after doing so.

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The “Failed To Enumerate Objects in the Container” error in Windows 10 can be frustrating, but it is manageable once you understand its causes and solutions. In most cases, the error stems from permission issues, and by taking ownership of the file or folder and adjusting the permissions, you can regain access and resolve the issue.

However, if the problem persists, it may be related to a corrupted user profile, file/folder corruption, or third-party software interference, in which case, additional troubleshooting steps are required.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively address this error and ensure smooth file and folder management on your Windows 10 system.