6 Best Alternative Sites Of Viewster

For those who enjoy watching movies, Viewster is a well-known option. However, Viewster does not compromise on other TV shows or anime of any kind. This site is unquestionably the finest place to find free streaming entertainment.

6 Best Alternative Sites Of Viewster

Look no farther than this page if you want to learn about more sites like Viewster. We’ve compiled a list of the top five Viewster replacements.


1. Hidive

For anime fans, Hidive is a one-stop shop. Anime fans have a vast range of alternatives to select from. It’s worth noting that this website’s design is a little out there. The plot summary for each episode that you open for viewing is incredibly helpful. All of the stuff on this site is constantly being added to.

As a result, you’ll never be bored again. You can browse through the many categories to discover the videos you’re looking for. Several additional subcategories are available for each. Those who are unable to understand English well can benefit from the subtitle filter.

Next, you can look for dubbed videos on YouTube. The schedule is also available, and you may keep up to speed with the latest info on the shows. Many people have given Hidive.com their enthusiastic endorsement, and it has proven to be a hit with customers all around the world.

2. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a well-known website that provides everything you could possibly want. From movies and TV shows to stand-up comedy and even Spanish-language shows. Everything from staff choices to drama is featured on the site.

PopcornFlix provides everything you need. It has a section dedicated to viral videos from around the world. In addition to a unique user experience, this website is also quite simple to navigate. You’ll never run out of options with such a large library of films and television shows.

You can also go through and select from a variety of subcategories. Results can be narrowed down using several criteria, such as Genre. For example, shows for children and adults can be found under the adventure, drama, reality, and other categories.. and so on. A brief synopsis is provided for each film or television programme. Everything you may possibly want can be found on this website. It’s worth a shot.

3. Movies123

Movies123 has the world’s largest movie library, making it the most popular online streaming service. The site’s user-friendly design makes it easy to find new movies. You’ll be able to see in high definition all of the newest, hottest, and most popular films. Users are able to access their stuff for free.

Movies can be sorted by genre, year, and country using this feature. You can choose from a number of genres, including Action, Romance and Comedy as well as Horror and Comedy. It also broadcasts content in a variety of high-quality video formats, allowing you to watch it on any device at any time..

In addition to its search bar, this app has a lot of other useful features. It’s not just movies on our site; you can also view TV shows. Consequently, the site contains all that a streamer may desire.

4. TVMuse

Viewster.com’s replacement, TVMuse, is a no-brainer. That, to be honest, is rather impressive. I think the website places more importance on television shows than movies. You’ll notice it as soon as you land on this page. The site has a complete TV schedule. The TV listings section includes an A-Z listing of available content.

TVMuse has a really distinct look and feel to it. There isn’t as much variety in the Movies section as you’d find on the other websites mentioned. However, in order to provide the highest level of service to its users, it will always provide material that is free of advertisements. Additionally, you can narrow your search by release date or genre.

If the audience can choose what they want to see, that’s the best feature of all. To ensure you have the best possible experience, the site is updated on a regular basis. So if you’re seeking for an ad-free streaming site, you should definitely give this one a try.

5. SideReel

On Sidereel.com, you can view full-length HD movies and TV series for free. It contains a huge library of the best movies and TV shows from across the world, and it is always being updated with new releases.

You may watch, download, and share movies with anyone in the globe using the service. There are several subcategories on this site. For each genre, there are a number of films that can be streamed for free. In addition, there is a search box that allows you to key in specifics and easily locate your favourite movies. On this website, you’ll find major networks like ABC, BBC, Fox, and others.

It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Instead of playing the recordings on the Sidereel.com site, this site provides the user with links to where they can download their content.

Other elements include cancellation buzz, fall 2019 trending, and trending at this second (in real time). Finally, there are only a few adverts that won’t interrupt your online video viewing experience.

6. PrimeWire

Free online video streaming platform PrimeWire offers a variety of movies from video hosting websites. The user can search the archives or explore categories. It offers a list of videos that can be filtered. It offers you with additional information on the video you’ve chosen, as well as direct links to watch it online.

For some sophisticated services, such as placing requests in the event of unavailability, you’ll need to create a username and password for yourself. Exclusive content is added to the site’s collection. The most recent movies are added on a regular basis.

In addition, there are other subcategories within PrimeWire, such as Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, and War. Other notable features include a schedule area, discussion forums, and HD content. A user can connect to it from any part of the world.


Numerous websites allow you to stream your favourite television episodes and movies, just like Viewster. There is no need to sign up for any of these, as they are typically offered for free. A few of them are also free of ads and other interruptions.

As a result, uninterrupted streaming is made possible. There are no additional issues or limits if you know how to use the proper websites.

These are the best free movie and television streaming services to replace Viewster. It is our hope that your streaming experience will be both enjoyable and rewarding!