SoundCloud com Activate: Activate SoundCloud On Android, Smart TV, Console, And Others

Sound Cloud is one of the most well-known online music streaming platforms for both customers and creators. Many customers want it on all of their devices, such as computers, cellphones, televisions, and game consoles like as Xbox and PlayStations, among others. Soundcloud’s developers have added a device feature to their app, allowing users to listen to music on several devices.

As a result, we’ll show you how to use SoundCloud on your Android phone, televisions, and a variety of other devices. SoundCloud can be used on Android, Smart TVs, consoles, and other devices.

SoundCloud com Activate

In this article, you’ll learn how to enable SoundCloud, your favourite music streaming network, on several devices at once, including your Android phone, PC, Smart TV, consoles, and other devices. These are pretty simple procedures, and if you follow them exactly, you will be able to use SoundCloud on a variety of devices.

SoundCloud com Activate

Install The SoundCloud App 

Follow the simple steps outlined below to install the SoundCloud com Activate app on your device —

Step 1: If you’re using an Android device, go to the play store, and if you’re using an Apple device, go to the app store. After that, tap on the search bar and type “Soundcloud” into it. After that, you’ll see the results of your search.

Step 2: Download and install the SoundCloud app. Open the app from the Play Store after it has been installed. You must now either register or log into your account. To log into your account, enter your login information or credentials.

Step 3: Fill in all of the required information for a new account, as well as verify your email address, so you may access all of SoundCloud’s features without difficulty.

Your account has now been created successfully. You can use the app to look around and listen to your favourite songs.

On Your TV or Console

SoundCloud App installation on your TV and console is quite similar to Android device installation. Simply follow the steps below to install SoundCloud on your TV or console.

Step 1: Go to your TV or console’s Playstore or app library. Soundcloud can be found by typing “Soundcloud” into the search field. Install the app by pressing the install button. To begin, open the app.

Step 2: Sign in to the same account you used to set up your Android smartphone. Your account will now be linked to both of your devices. If a code appears on the screen, proceed to the next step to pair the devices.

Connect The Devices

If a pairing code displays on the screen while signing into your account on your TV or console, you can pair the devices with them other by following these simple steps.

Step 1: On your Android device, open a browser that is available or supported by the device, and then go to their official website, which is –

Step 2: Now you must connect in to your account using the same credentials that you used to log in to your mobile app. Then, in the section that states Enter the code from another device to sign in, copy the same pairing code. Your devices will be successfully paired after entering the Code.

Keep in mind that switching to another device may cause the presently playing song to be paused.


So, in this article, we learned how to SoundCloud com Activate on your Android device as well as on your smart TV and consoles, as well as how to couple the devices. You can properly activate and pair your devices after following these simple steps.