How To Fix ‘Nvlddmkm.sys’ (BSOD) Error

The Nvlddmkm.sys error is a common blue screen error. It is a common mistake that happens on a Windows 10 computer. We have six options for resolving the issue. However, we always recommend that you shut down and restart your computer before using these procedures.

It might be useful in resolving the Nvlddmkm.sys problem. These are the six techniques we propose using one by one. The following are the possible causes of the Nvlddmkm.sys Error.


  • Conflicts amongst the drivers.
  • Memory timing or voltage is incorrect.
  • Your computer is overheating.
  • Driver is a crook.
  • Graphics card that isn’t working properly.
  • There are troubles with RAM.

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Nvlddmkm.sys (BSOD) Error

Take a look.

Method 1: Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Card to Fix Nvlddmkm.sys (BSOD) Error

In most situations, the graphic card is a significant issue behind the Nvlddmkm.sys Error, and NVIDIA graphic cards are likely to present this issue. In this scenario, you need reinstall the graphics card.

Step 1: First and foremost, turn on your computer. Press and hold the power button on your computer until it shuts down, then repeat the operation two or three times more until your computer displays the option to prepare an automatic repair.

Step 2: Be patient because it will take some time.

Step 3: Next, select the Advanced Option.

Step 4: From there, pick Troubleshoot from the options menu.

Step 5: Select Advanced Options from the troubleshooting screen.

Step 6: Finally, choose the Startup Setting.

Step 7: Finally, on the startup options page, select Restart.

Step 8: To enter safe mode with networking, use the F5 key.

Step 9: Press the F4 key if you wish to boot into safe mode without networking. Your computer is now in Safe Mode. Now take the following steps:

Step 10: Open devmgmt.msc in device manager.

Step 11: Locate and uninstall your NVIDIA graphics card driver.

Step 12: Verify that the gadget has been uninstalled.

Step 13: Go to the NVIDIA official website and download the most recent version of the graphic card.

Step 14: Double-check that you have the most recent version of the NVIDIA graphics card installed.

Step 15: Restart your computer after that.

Step 16: Now open Look Disk C and search system32driver for Nvlddmkm.sks, which you can simply change to Nvlddmkm.sys.old.

Step 17: Next, look for Nvlddmkm.sys.old in the NVIDIA directory.

Step 18: Finally, save this file to your desktop by copying and pasting it.

Step 19: Now open the command prompt and type the commands below.

Step 20: Return to the C drive and transfer the newly produced Nvlddmkm.sks file.

Step 21: Copy the file and paste it into the C:WindowsSystem32Drivers folder.

Your blue screen problem may now be resolved, but you must ensure that you are using the correct driver version. If your problem remains unsolved, you can try some of the other solutions listed below.

Method 2: Perform a Disk Scan

Because many times the issue Nvlddmkm.sys occurs due to a bad disc, you should run a disc check on your machine. However, doing a disc check has the drawback of potentially erasing your data. To avoid this, make a backup of your important data and store it there.

Follow these instructions to do a disc check.

Step 1: Hold down the Windows key and the X key at the same time.

Step 2: Now you must launch the command prompt as an administrator by right-clicking on it.

Step 3: Now open a command window and type the command below.

Step 4: Now press the enter key to allow a check to be done at the next boot.

Step 5: Finally, close the window.

Step 6: Turn on your computer again.

Step 7: Now wait and be patient because the process will take 20 minutes to complete.

Step 8: If your machine has any errors, they will be displayed on the screen.

Step 9: Now it’s time to fix those mistakes.

Following the correction of such faults, your system will display the nblddmkm.sys error in Windows 10. If your problem remains unsolved, you can try other approaches.

Method 3: Perform a System Memory Check

If the Nvlddmkm.sys Error persists after a disc check, it’s conceivable that the problem is in your RAM, or that it’s causing problems. As a result, we’ve performed a RAM check on the system.

To perform a memory check, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the control panel first.

Step 2: Select System and Security from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Next, select Administrator Tools from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Next, choose the Windows memory diagnostic option.

Step 5: Finally, select Restart Now and double-check the issue.

Step 6: Be patient and wait because the memory test will take 15 to 20 minutes.

Any errors on your PC will now be displayed on the screen. You can correct them by employing appropriate approaches.

Error nvlddmkm.sks should be destroyed following the completion of the memory check process, which includes locating and correcting errors. You can utilise the following ways if it cannot be eliminated any further.

Method 4: Disable Programmes That Are Imcompatible

Any recent application or software that starts on your computer could be the source of issue Nvlddmkm.sys. So, we can either delete the ineffective or recently installed programme that is causing this issue, or we can restore the system to a previous date.

Once you’ve completed this test, you’ll know whether or not the mistake has been resolved. If the issue persists, you can try the next approach described below.

Method 5: Update Your Operating System

Every month, Microsoft releases Windows upgrades. These upgrades will help your system run more efficiently. However, it can become infected with malware, and as a result, several problems such as Nvlddmkm.sys can occur.

As a result, updating your Windows could be a viable option. You can use these instructions to upgrade your Windows.

Step 1: From the desktop, select the start button.

Step 2: Select a setting.

Step 3: Select the security and update options.

Step 4: Go to Settings > Updates > Windows Update.

Step 5: Choose the check for updates option.

Step 6: If an update is available, it will be downloaded automatically.

Step 7: Restart your computer to see whether the Nvlddmkm.sys Error has been resolved.

Method 6: Change The Graphics Card

After all, it’s very likely that your visual card is overloaded as a result of the applications and games you’re running on it. If this is the case, replacing the graphics card is the best remedy. It’s possible that updating the graphics card will solve your problem. If it isn’t, move on to the next step.

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The Nvlddmkm.sys Error should be fixed when you complete these instructions. We always recommend that you use these approaches correctly. This is a common error that can be encountered by any user. But don’t get irritated; instead, follow these steps to correct the problem.